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Meet Valhalla

The Valhalla Conquer team would like to welcome you to our server! In here you'll be able to experience one of the best stages of Conquer Online.Our server is targeting a classic version of Conquer Online with all the features there were around ~5017 Patch.

If you want to experience Conquer Online at its best with all the classic features there were and with lots of new custom content that will surely spice things up then Valhalla Conquer is the right place for you ! Join us and play side by side with hundreds of players !



Main Classic Specs

Our goal is to provide our players the best and closest experience we can of Conquer Online's classic version. Therefore, on Valhalla you'll find many of the technical features that were present back then such as maximum level being 130, maximum reborn being the first reborn, no CPs, no talismans/horses or whatsoever that was added a while after 2.0 was released.


PVE Quests

Several PVE Quests have been included. They all had a few tweaks in order to spice them up a bit. On Valhalla you can find quests such as DisCity, AncientDevil, SnakeKing, BlueMouse, among others, also many Bosses for every Map .


PVP Events

We have added several PVP Events as well. There are hourly PVP Events such as FreezWar , Infection Tournament , Team DeathMatch , CounterClockGuildWar, FB/SS Skill Based and LastManStanding, Class Based Wars, Top Spouse Tournament, Weekly Tournament and so on.


Custom Info

Fell Free to ask some of Our Staff If you need anything , or you got problems with something , we are always here for the players Thanks . Valhalla Conquer Staff . Happy gameing in Valhalla Conquer !!!.

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